Maps – Molokai


The swim will take place at Cooke Memorial Pool (25m) on the island of Molokai.

2.4 miles in a 25m pool = 154 pool lengths (77 out/back)

molokai pool


The bike starts at Cooke Memorial Pool and heads east along the peaceful southeast coast of Molokai, turning around at the beach at Kaipukaulua Gulch, just before the windy steep climb (which we’ve eliminated this year). A staff car will be posted at the turnaround point.

You’ll then travel to the western end of the island, with your only major climb towards Maunaloa turning around just before the town. GPS coordinates are 21.144833, -157.190231. A staff car will be at the turnout at the turnaround point.

Turning around and heading back east, you’ll travel to the same turnaround point at the beach, then head west to finish at the hotel.

T2 is at Hotel Molokai which is just at the edge of town, before the pool turnoff.


1. Starting at Hotel Molokai, turn right from the parking lot headed east for just under 9 miles, GPS points 21.05363, -156.86976 (there will be a staff car at turnaround)
2. Turn around and head back west, towards hotel.
3. Passing hotel, continue for about 4 miles
4. Turn around at Likelike Ave (will be on right), just before the incline. There will be a staff car.
4. Finish at Hotel Molokai.