Maps – Maui


The swim starts at the shoreline directly in front of the lifeguard tower.
1. Swim out to the first buoy
2. Turn left to the second buoy using the big Banyan tree for sighting. A staff SUP will be at the turn around (GPS point 20.72002, -156.44805)
3. Turn around and return to first buoy.
You’ll repeat the length between the first & second buoy 18 times, or 9 out & backs.
4. Swim from buoy #1 back to shore.


The bike consists of two out & backs.
1) We’ll do a short out & back south of T1
2) Head to the highway, and we’ll go north towards the airport
3) Just before the airport, make a left turn onto Hwy 380
4) Continue southwest back to the coast
5) Make a left onto Hwy 30, hugging the coast north up to Kapalua town
4) Take a short break at the parking lot, then turn around follow the same route back to T2


The Maui run consists of two out and backs – south of T1, then north of T1
1) First we’ll head south for 8.25 miles
2) Turn around & head north back to T1
3) Continue north, passing T1 on the same road until it comes to an and end/ T at the highway
4) Turnaround and head south, you’ll pass T1 again
5) Continuing south about half mile, turn left and finish at the lobby of the Maui Aston Banyon condos