Maps – Kauai


The out & back Kauai swim starts at the pier at the iconic Hanalei Bay. There are outdoor showers, and the restrooms are usually open.
1) Start on the right side of the pier, swim to the end of hte pier, then to the left. You’ll aim to stay at about piers distance from the shoreline.
2) Swim to the event buoy, just past the river mouth, turn around & return to pier


1. Starting at the road at Hanalei Pier, turn right and continue west on Weke Road.
2. Continue on Weke Road almost to the end, turning LEFT onto Anae Rd
3. Quickly arriving back at the main highway, make a LEFT heading back east towards the airport
4. Continue on the east side, passing through towns Princeville, Kilauea, Anahola, Kapaa & Wailua.
5. Once you get to Lihue, at stoplight turn RIGHT onto Kuhio Hwy 56. (note you’ll see a sign Hwy 51/Airport to go straight. This is where you turn right not straight)
6. Stay on main highway, will change to Highway 50, passing through towns Omao, Lawai, Kalaheo, Port Allen, Waimea, Kekaha.
7. About 6 miles past Kekaha, just after the PMRF, you’ll veer to the right & turn around at Mana Rd. (just before the road turns really rough). There will be a staff car parked here.
8. We need to add about 13 miles, so will do it out here where it’s flat.
9. Turn around and go back to Kekaha town (little over 6 miles)
10. Once you’re in Kekaha town, look for Alae Rd/Hwy 552. It should be the 4th street on your left.
11. Turn around and head back west to Mana Rd (where a staff car will be). You’ll be at about mile 80.
12. Turn around and head back east towards the airport. However will not be going as far as the airport.
13. Again pass through Kekaha, Waimea, Port Allen, Kalaheo.
14. After Kalaheo, around mile 102.5, you’ll see a veer to the right, Koloa Rd/Hwy 530. DO NOT TAKE IT. Stay to the left.
15. Continue past Kawai, Omao.
16. Once you get back into Lihue town (may see signs that say Puhi), just after mile 111, you’ll see Kauai Community College on the left.
17. Just after the college, you’ll turn RIGHT onto Nuhuo Rd where the YMCA is.
18. Continue past the YMCA to the roundabout (very short distance), go around the roundabout & come back to FINISH at the YMCA parking lot.


Because we are modifying the sequence to be swim bike run (previously has been run swim bike on day 1), we will be moving the run to the southside this year, closer to the airport.
For safety reasons, we’re staying off the highway and on the back country roads instead.
The route consists of a 2.6 mile out & back w/gradual descent/ascent x 5, plus an additional 0.2 miles at end

1. Starting at the YMCA parking lot, turn right onto Nuhuo St
2. Make first right onto Kaneka St
3. Left on Puhi Rd
4. Left on Hulemalu Rd
5. Stay on Hulemalu Rd about 1.5 miles, turning around at GPS point 21.95135, -159.37024 or the 2.6 mile mark. A staff car will be parked at the turnaround point.
6. Continue the same way you came out
7. Right on Puhi Rd
8. Right on Kaneka St
9. Right on Nuhuo St
10. Turn around at YMCA parking lot entrance
Repeat x 5
11. For the last little bit to get to 26.2, turn around at YMCA and down on Nuhuo St the same way, only turn around at Kaneka and head back to the YMCA.